Monday, 27 April 2009

One with the Universe

I belief that the human body, mind, spirit, nature and the rest of the universe form on entity that can not function independently. The human body is simply the object that temporarily harbours the mind. The mind is a vehicle between the body and the universe, observing and interpreting the rest of the system. The spirit can be anywhere and capable of travel beyond time and space. Nature influences the spirit, mind and body, the same as the body, mind and spirit can influence nature. The universe forms a structure in which the body, mind, spirit and nature function, constantly energizing its existence.

The human mind did not develop the capability yet to observe and interpret the unseen phenomena such as spirit, some unseen forces of nature and the universe. Therefore, we must accept a higher power than ourselves, whatever symbol we choose to attach to it to make it more understandable.

Your comments on these statements please.

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